Nov 25, 2007

Off-topic: Rocking out

I don't know what it is about the last two months of the year, but each year I say the same thing in November and December:

Somebody...p l e a s e...queue the loud rock music.

There's nothing less seasonally appropriate, but my craving for rock is equal to that of goals by Mike Richards - seemingly never-ending.

The names in heavy rotation on my MP3 player during the train ride into and out of Center City have a severe bent towards the Brits, but it's not an exclusive club. I also don't rule out the other types of music, but maybe I hit the skip button a little more frequently.

If I look at this from a therapist's point of view, I guess it's in counterpoint to all the not-so-cheery holiday cheer I run into on the street. (You know, parents screaming at or begging with small children who are tired and just want to go home! Yeah, kid, me too.)

Instead of falling down crying and kicking my feet, I just turn on, plug in, and rock out.

  • Not sure about trekking to the Evil Empire yet again (take your pick: the mall, Macy's, Wal-Mart)? Queue up "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash.
  • Ready to scream because the stilleto crew has blocked the sidewalk on your way to the train? A hit of "Go Let It Out" by Oasis should cure all that ails you.
  • Just crossed another day off the calendar before you can start your holiday break, but it's not enough? Try a little "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen as you roll out the door. (Freddie Mercury, I still miss you like crazy.)
After 29.5 years of living, one thing I have learned is to indulge those of my cravings that don't endanger myself or others. Dark chocolate. Hockey.

So, here's to my 2007 Rock Fix!

Playing as I finish this post: INXS, "What You Need"

P.S.: I'm an avid reader of Margee's "Sportsquee" blog. In addition to being another one of the HLOGers, Margee has a really...uh, vivid...imagination.

That being said, she has completely out-done herself with two recent posts about some Evil Ranjuhs which I simply must share with you. (And, please, for the love of Pete, bear in mind that the second one is total far as anyone knows.)


Ryan said...

Tell me you didn't just steal my "Listened to:" section Nadine..tell me that.

Also, please tell me that you don't like Oasis...

Liam Gallagher

Nadine said...

Ryan: I only swiped it for this one post. And Oasis isn't my favorite, but "Go Let It Out" at deafening volume beats out listening to the stilleto crew any day!

[Side rant: I only b**** about the stilleto crew because I routinely wear 3 inch heels and I don't hold anyone up when I'm on the sidewalk. I'd love to cross check the ones who do. *Sigh* 'Tis the season to be jolly! ;p]

Nadine said...

Ryan: And just for the heck of it, now I'm listening to "Under Pressure."

Ryan said...

Just so you know....yo're corresponding with possibly the biggest (Definitely Maybe - Be There Now) Oasis fan of all time.

Eagles are only down 3!!!

You think tomorrow night will be a blood bath?

Ryan said...

you're !!

Nadine said...

Re: Oasis

I only meant that Oasis wasn't my absolute, biggest favorite. No slight of any sort was intended or inferred.

(I bought a new copy of "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" only after it was so thoroughly worn out that there was no hope of ripping the tracks to my laptop.)

My spot for absolute favorite in the Rock category is reserved for Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Re: Tonight's game vs. Bruins

I don't know what to think it. I'm sorry I won't be there in person, but I couldn't stomach the Briere bobbleheads. (Sorry, Teka, but it would test my gag reflex too much to go.)

Plus, if somebody beats on Jonesy (my HBF #2 in the harem), I'd go so Downie/Boulerice about it that I'd be escorted out of the WC.

Nope, much safer for all involved for me to listen to it from home.

That being said, I want to see major numbers on the board, and for all of them to be skewed in our favor.