Nov 3, 2007

And the streak ends...

At 22 days. Danny Briere finally scored again last night, in another away game.

Do you people have any idea how nuts the WC will be when he scores before a home crowd for the first time? I wouldn't put it past the guys in the booth to have some appropriate song lined up and their hand on the horns volume control.

Now, Mr. Richards, thank you, thank you, thank you. That's why you have an "A" on your sweater. Whatever lit you on fire this season, keep it with you.

By the way, please take something for the pain today and be careful with those stitches. Yeesh!

R.J., what's that old saying about if at first...? Thanks for assisting Danny onto the board, then following it up with a goal of your own.

Niitty, I saw my favorite kickers on the bar's HD TV...niiiiice. See, I knew you could do it. Keep that positive feeling with you. (And I think you should have had the assist, too!)

Right. Guys, you may be seeing me tomorrow at practice. I won't be earning a restraining order (like Kristin with her StalkerCam 80000000), but it would be nice to have a small tide-me-over until November 12. It's just not right to have to go this many days with no in-person hockey.

[Edit/update material below]

Boys! Barring an unforeseen change to the schedule...I'll be there tomorrow! Yeah!

(And any of you readers out there who will attend, perhaps you will stop by and introduce yourselves. Just look for the 5'1" young lady with long, curly brown hair.)

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kristin said...

I just want to thank the refs at last night's game for giving us 5421 minutes of power play time.