Nov 5, 2007


...One youth L/XL sweater with "24" and "Kapanen" on it. Photos to come.

Practice yesterday in Voorhees

Gator's face didn't look nearly as bad as one would expect, but then the head and face bleed more than other body parts. And in other stitches news, Richie didn't look too bad either.

My guys know how to have fun! Ben Eager had fun tapping the glass to tease the kid at the glass in front of me...little girl had a huge smile on her face when he did it. (It was a "he saw me" look.)

Also having fun at practice, Briere and Kukkonen. Kukki pushed Briere lightly into the boards and held him there as they continue to coast along the board. Jokes and laughs throughout the whole thing.

Coming Soon

My next appearance at a Flyers' game will be this Saturday's game against the Penguins. Gentle Readers can find me this time in 214 below the press boxes. (Great view and in an appropriate section of the WC for a blogger...I can dream about working in it when I grow up.)

And in other news...

11/05 Flyers v. Rangers

End of 1st Period

Evil Ranger Jagr likes power plays. Duh.

So, guys, please don't let him have too many of them to work tonight. Although I am happy to see that you held them off from scoring until the very end of the period. However, you need to make and take more shots.

Have fun stormin' the castle in the second! (I have faith that somebody can beat Lundqvist.)

End of 2nd Period

Well, that sucked! The second is normally so friendly to us for getting on the board. Let me think a little. Grr!

Okay, I reflected. The Evil Rangers are the lowest scoring team right now.

C'mon! I know that Lundqvist is carrying the team. (And we know something about the goalie locking it down - thanks, Marty.)

Good job PKing. (Again, don't give them too many PPs.)

So, perhaps you will find a way to turn the third period into your normal second period, okay? Here's my roll call:

  • Sami: Time to find the net because we need you back on the board.
  • Carts: You get in there, too. (See above.)
  • Richie: Just do your normal super play since you're so on fire right now.
  • Any D-man: It would be really cool for you to get on the board as well.
  • Marty: Yeah, it won't happen, but wouldn't it be great if you did as well?


kristin said...

Yay! At last! When will it be here? Before Christmas?

Nadine said...

I went cheap, so I hope sooner than that.

Just waiting on the confirmation from the NHL. Feel free to make any snarky comments about that...I know I am! ;p

kristin said...

no snarky comments here...

how about those 22 SOG for the rags in the first period? poor marty!

Nadine said...

All I can say is, "Ay-yay-yay."

kristin said...

The part from practice that you didn't get to see (I think they had their backs to you) was Briere shoving his stick into Kooky's groin area after the hit. It was somewhat...erm, uncomfortable, as it was

This game was a damn shame, man did they hang Marty out to dry! 45 shots on goal? Ridiculous. They had decent time in the offensive zone, but not a lot of quality scoring chances.

Very frustrating. I felt the need to soothe myself with the Carolina game for a few minutes in the last 2 minutes of this game...