Nov 29, 2007

Blogger Biron Redux

Run on over to the Flyers web site and watch the always popular goalie Marty Biron video-blogging on the dads' and brother's trip with the guys for last night's 'Canes game.

My favorite highlights:
  • Sami as Denis' dad. (Sami, I love the haircut!)
  • Marty harrassing Jonesy for eating on the plane.
  • Kimmo's (dry) sense of humor during the poker game with Hartsie and his dad.
  • The dubbing for the conversation in the hotel lobby.
  • "The Price Is Right" in the restaurant.

Today's funny/sarcastic thought for the day:

If it seems like everything's coming your way, you're obviously in the wrong lane.

Love yas,



kristin said...

I watched this little gem yesterday, and I am outraged at the lack of any gator! It's like he was on another plane or something!

It was pretty funny, although a bit long and awkward at points. You could tell that some of the guys are like, "please don't come near me!"

Steph said...

My favorite part of that video was Lupul's tattoo. "No bad days"? Really? What do you call ALL LAST SEASON?

(I, too, was outraged at lack of Gator. I'd say he has too much dignity to be a part of it, but considering he's deigned to wear a silly barista apron and serve coffee at, of all places, Second Cup...)

kristin said...

Steph, for a quick gator fix click here and then click on "Flyers cook dinner at Ronald McDonald House"

He looks so sad and serious!

And Lupul's tattoo was amusing indeed!

Nadine said...

Ladies, I'm sorry, but I believe Gator is - essentially - an introvert. (No slight intended or inferred.)

Review the footage from the Whistler team-bonding trip, and you'll see that Gator doesn't figure into the video as much more than a place holder.

Check out the "Meet the Team" event at Lucky Strikes Lanes on 10/31/2007, and there's no Gator shot. (Though, maybe he and the wife took the kids trick-or-treating?)

In this one, looks like whoever was sitting next to him...Mr. Gator?...was totally conked out and he didn't want loud-mouthed Marty to wake him up. ('Cause apparently the dads were acting like rookie players, staying out all night!)

Steph said...

Ohhh look at him! So cute!

It's okay Gator, I get it. You're not obnoxious or loud-mouthed or covered in tattoos with life-mottos on your wrists (Although seriously do any of us know where that tattoo of his is? Because I have been wondering ever since I heard the story of the nickname.), but I love you all the same. You just go on blocking shots and looking scruffy and have no worries. Really. I promise.

Anonymous said...

"My favorite part of that video was Lupul's tattoo. "No bad days"? Really? What do you call ALL LAST SEASON?"

Well I call it Lupul was playing for the oilers last season who made it to the playoffs.