Nov 28, 2007

Welcome back: Hatch & Kimmo

Defense Is Back

Yeah! Hatch is back! Kimmo is back!

See, Randy Jones was missing both his boys against the Bad News Bears. (Yeah, Kimmo played but he was also hurt that night, too.) Now Randy has them both back.

What's a guy to do? Stick with Kimmo for now, because I have nominated you for Co-Presidents of Defense.

Personally, I think it would be really cool to see Hatch with looks like matching 6'5" bookends!

11/28 Flyers v. 'Canes

I know I didn't really call that Hatcher and Timonen would score tonight in writing, but I did welcome them back. So I'm calling in two HLOG predictions come true with their goals...because my best wishes were sent their way.

Knuble decides 0:33 into the third is too long to not have a goal credited to the Flyers' part of the scoreboard. So he works it out with Richie and Lups to put one in the basket.

Points (Show-down) Update: With his two assists tonight, Richie is tied again with Briere at 30 each.

Final Score: Flyers 3, Canes 1

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