Nov 19, 2007

Guys: Thought for the day redux

Dear Guys,

While you have a few days down to practice and get your heads screwed on straight, here's a fun thought for you and my other Gentle Readers:

Light travels faster than sound, which explains why some people appear to be smart until you hear them speak.

Hatch! You're on schedule in your rehab. Can't wait to see you back on the ice.

Gagne! Nothing but good wishes for you during your bounce-back from the concussion.

To all of you who read this shite:

U.S. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, as I'm sure you've all noticed. The family is on its way to my place, so right now I'm playing Cinder-freakin'-rella. The end result is that postings may be just a little scarce for the remainder of the week.

But, I'm thankful for everyone of you...HLOGers, other Flyers bloggers, total addicts to this space, infrequent readers, and anybody just discovering my weird little universe.

Love yas...each and every one,


kristin said...

Sheesh, what is going on there at Casa de Nadine? You're always talking about how you need to clean. Are you shearing sheep or something in there?!?!

kristin said...

Oh, what I meant to say is I am thankful for you. Without you, this season so far would not have been even half as fun!!!