Nov 19, 2007

OMG: Hell hath...

...Developed a minor amount of frozen precip on the surfaces of the Rivers Styxx and Acheron.

Holy crap! Someone not wearing a Flyers uniform got a suspension?!!?


Small problem from my perspective: It should have been more like 10 games.

Ohlund delivered a two-handed, hate-filled whack to Koivu, it was intentional, and it did result in an injury. (Leave my squee-from-another-team alone!)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Koivu on the end of an Army smashing last year? Dude needs to work on his smashing-awareness. Or maybe on his quality of agitation.

Nadine said...

Teka: Maybe he was. All I know is M.Koivu has a cracked tib as a result of Ohlund's slash.