Dec 13, 2007

12/13 Habs v. Flyers

To boo or not to boo...that is the question?

Really, Habs fans it's not necessary here, 'cause Richie is leading the way.

Special hello to the boys at Four Habs Fans (somewhat questionable content warning for any of you kiddies or control-freak parents out there) and, my HLOG sister, Jordi over at Girls Don't Love Hockey.

I'll try to post on the intermissions, but I'm decorating for my Holiday Open House tomorrow evening.


Ryan said...

Nadine - what's the difference between an open house and a party? Is it that you can come and go and your own leisure at an open house?
Isn't that what happens at parties?

I tried to look it up but I fear there are not as many intellectuals out there as I hoped for.

Nadine said...

Ryan, I don't really think of them as being that different. To me, an open house means you can come and go at your leisure, it's in the host/hostess' residence, and it's also way less formal. I think "open house" sounds a little more inviting and less worrisome for neighbors in an apartment building like mine.

Tonight, for example, was an easy night at home with friends, good wine and beer, lasagne, a veggie tray from the local grocery, Hershey's Kisses, Christmas cookies, and over at 10 p.m. It was just an excuse to get together, yak and enjoy time with friends.

Plus, one of my co-workers was here with her two-month old. I had a blast holding the baby and reliving my baby-sitting days. I expect to get him some time soon, and I'll be introducing him to the Flyers right away.

FYI folks, I hope to post pix some time soon!