Dec 11, 2007

12/11 Pens v. Flyers

All of you Gentle Readers not of the Flyers or Pens persuasion, have fun reading the penalty summary for this one. It's a blast!

Who? (And I don't mean The Grinch.)

Pens, schmens. Look, the Battle of Pennsylvania is really a battle this year. (Last year, not so much.) Thankfully, the skirmishes are all going our way.

Besides, we really needed a home win.

Highlights of the night:
  • Malone and Gator wait an incredible 20 seconds to have their own personal rematch. (Matching 5 minute fighting majors)
  • Joffrey Lupul earns six points for the night, which included a hat-trick. (Just goes to show, Lups didn't like the trade to Edmonton all that much.)
  • RJ Umberger, proving that good Pittsburghers play for other teams, decides he wants a hat-trick as well (complemented by two assists).
  • Lasse's in! Hatch's out! (Yikes. Please, not the just-fixed knee.)
  • Crosby limited to two second assists. He also up-ends my HBF #1, the goalie, and gets to skate free. (Crowd chants "Crosby Sucks!")
  • Laraque, Roberts, and Letang like the Philly away team sin bin so much, they decide to make repeat visits or to obtain double minors in order to spend more time there. In fact, Crosby is one of only a few Pens who didn't sit a spell there! (And he should have.)
Cartsie and Hartsie, 2gether 4ever. Just to keep things interesting, they fulfill the fight wishes of Whitney and Armstrong during the third. I bet Coach Stevens had fun juggling the lines for the remaining six minutes or so.

The only thing missing from this game, in my completely biased opinion, was a Sami goal. I'm hurting for one of those. I'm sure he's saving up for Saturday's game against his old team, the 'Canes. (Though it would be nice for him to bang one in on the Habs on Thursday!)

Official (Unofficial) Points Earned Race: Richie has three assists. Tiny!Briere has one. New totals are 34 for Richie and 32 for Briere.

Final Score: Flyers 8, Pens 2

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