Dec 9, 2007

Mini HLOG meet-up: Caps v. Flyers

Dear Guys,

Yep, I abandoned you on Friday. Sorry, but I figured the whole "win one, lose one" streak would continue with or without me. (Nice to know I'm right. What the heck is Kukkie doing on the healthy scratch list? I can understand Eager, but Kukkie? Nope, sorry, I will not accept it. Put the Finn in!)

I see that Tiny!Briere and Richie are tied again in the Official (Unofficial) Points Race, brought to you by Nadine of Flyers.Femme. Danny, I love that you're challenging Richie to be the best "A" on the team. Richie, get back in there kiddo!

Anyway, guys, hope you had a good ride home from Denver. I had a fantastic weekend, as you will see!

Love yas,

Dear Gentle Readers,

Why is it that everything goes haywire right before you travel? Internet security. Heat register in your apartment. Whatever.

Some of you may know that the Caps and Flyers reps for HLOG converged on our General Hockey contributor Teka's humble abode this weekend for a Philadelphia Phantoms v. Hershey Bears face-off. (God bless you for being stuck in Pennsyltucky while working on that Master's degree! I know you're itching to be in a bigger Hockeytown soon.)

I would like to take a moment to thank my travel sponsors, SEPTA and Amtrak, for their unwitting contribution to the weekend meet-up. I'd also like to thank my employer for being so accommodating of my hockey obsession as to schedule our Christmas Luncheon for Friday, so that I only had to work a half-day.

The trip to Middletown/Hershey was accomplished without any of the craziness that can occur when train transportation in the US is involved. I quickly located Teka (and Turco, her green Subaru). We off-loaded my (bright orange) carry-on in her place and settled in for a Flyers-Pens smackdown...err, friendly chat until CapsChick arrived. Long live the Battle of Pennsylvania!

CapsChick arrived, settled her stuff inside and we took off for dinner at a likely venue where we could watch hockey. (Caps on the movie-screen and Flyers on the TV next to it.) Nothing to report from that, except the guys at the bar were amazed by three women intently watching hockey and would not stop looking at us!

We returned to Teka's and shared a lot of video, courtesy of our teams and YouTube, about why we love who we do. It was a friendly chance to convince the other two that they should switch allegiance/affiliation, but no one did. (Um, because we're fans, not puck bunnies.)

On Saturday, we managed to rouse ourselves mid-morning to view a Bears game-day practice. It's so nice to see guys having fun, joking with each other, dropping F-bombs, and staring at the three of us as if to say, "Really? Females attending our practice? Watching what we're doing and talking hockey at levels we cannot observe among the jail-bait puck bunnies and scary old dust bunnies of Hershey?"

Yep, guys, it's a brief flare-up of HLOG syndrome. Don't worry, it usually only lasts one game.

After practice ends, we cruise to Hershey's lone Starbucks, do a flying tour through ChocolateTown, visit the Bears' former home (and watch little guys learning the game...I love kiddie goalies because they're so cute when their learning to skate wearing kickers that really don't fit them yet!), and witness a random siting of Chris Borque's huge, black Infiniti SUV.

Game Summary: Teka and CapsChick weren't happy with it because the Phantoms won. The Bears are having a major problem this season - all of their players are being sent to the Caps to fill-in for injuries (yeah!) which means their line cohesiveness is suffering (boo!). One day, there are 23 guys, seemingly overnight the ranks are reduced to 18.

We grab dinner together, head back to Teka's, catch the San Jose game on Center Ice Online (sorry Sharks), and then turn in as our weekend winds away with every tick of the second hand.

All in all, this weekend was fantastic. We were sorry Shmee and Kristin weren't able to join us after all, but it was just what I expected from three die-hard hockey fans: meet, talk hockey, watch hockey, have fun, and not have to explain that we aren't puck bunnies by virtue of our anatomy.

I can't wait to do this again, and hopefully with more of the HLOG women!


kristin said...

Yay HLOG meetups!

CapsChick said...

Such a fun weekend - and no, despite the fact that I do find Marty Biron somewhat adorable, I will not be changing my allegiance anytime soon.

Next one in DC, right? And if Kristin doesn't oversleep again maybe she'll grace us with her presence as well ;)

kristin said...

If you ever hear me say I am about to take a nap before heading out to meet you, please stop me! Once my head hits the pillow, it's all over!

But really, I would love another DC meetup so I can get me some Ovechkin pictures! Or at least some pictures of a drunken Shmee and Teka!

And Nadine, when are you gonna turn this word verification thing off? it is driving me crazy!!!

Nadine said...

Kristin, ah the infamous Gator jersey molestation pic!

And the word verification is staying. At least I don't use the comments moderation like some others.

Trying to get low Mezzanine tix for Saturday's Canes game. Will let you know how that turns out.

(I wish they let you see all the seats in a classification that were available instead of giving you what they think is "best.")