Dec 18, 2007

Kapanen v. Kapanen

Yep, the Yotes are in town for the Kapanen-Kapanen contest. Sadly, there is n o relationship between these Kapanens. I could almost like Niko just for his last name, a la los Koivu.

Also, is it wrong that, though I am a Gretz fan full-stop, I miss player-Gretz? Coach-Gretz is still too new for me, as a child of the 80s and 90s.

Sorry, Wayne, but I just feel you should be in black and silver, in L.A., with a 99 on your back!

Best of luck to my guys in the orange and black tonight. Get a goal, or a few. Even strength, power play, short-handed, pretty, ugly, phenomenal...I'm not particular at this stage of the season.

Hopefully you'll get the team's win-mojo back.

First Period

1. Hartnell scores a power play goal. Thanks, R.J. for the assist.
2. The Yotes out-shot us. Big surprise since we gave them three power plays. (Please, stop it. Too much of a bad thing doesn't make it into a good thing.)
3. The desert dogs didn't score on any of them.

Is a Tiny!Briere interview playing during the intermission just because he used to play for Phoenix? Or because he's running fourth in all-star voting?

Danny, what do you mean guys are spectating when they're on the ice during our games? That's completely impossible to believe, right? I've only been calling it since the beginning of the season!

Note to Communications and Announcer Guys: I want a Kimmo interview. He's the real other "A" after Richie while Gagne is on the IR.

(Side-rant: I would say "and Girls," but the only female on the Communications staff is the "Office Manager," which usually means "secretary" or "administrative assistant." Somehow this is just completely wrong since Communications is one of the few fields where women rule.)


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