Dec 19, 2007

Ode to Kapanen

Sami, that is.

Recently, my blogger friend Ryan speculated that dear Sami looked like trade bait if he didn't score soon. My immediate reaction? Blasphemer! Sacrilege!

While anything is possible, Sami Kapanen is a Flyer.


But just in case you need convincing like Ryan, here are the top five reasons I love Sami Kapanen and how he ended up on my sweater.

(Most of the linked items below are on YouTube, just so you know. They'll all pop up as separate windows.)

5. Sami always looks so happy when he scores or helps someone else do it.

4. While he's not always the biggest talker, Sami means what he says and isn't afraid to just say it. (I love the 8/2/2007 interview on the Steven and Preston Show.) Plus, like Gator, he seems to be a family guy who plays hockey for a living.

3. Sami can snag a bouncing puck while drifting backwards on his left foot in front of the crease and lift it over Pretty Ricky's outside shoulder to score a sick goal in the upper right corner.

2. Three words: Darcy Tucker's hit.

1. Sami has always been known for his awesome physical conditioning, work ethic and speed.

You might be interested to note that Ryan has seen the light in regards to Sami's speed. I don't think it will take much longer to convince him on the other counts.

P.S.: At the 'Canes game last week, Kristin and I were sitting in row 2 watching warm-ups. As they finished, I stood up and turned to grab my coat. And what does Kristin say to me?

"Dude, Sami looked right at you! He saw that you have him on your sweater."

That's right, I was this close to being able to have a face-to-face smile with my favorite Flyer. (Sami, next time please say "Hey!")


Ryan said...

Talk about calling it close, you finally got your Best Post of 2007!

Here's a tip. It's terribly uncomfortable and lame but not below doing - wear your jersey backwards. I bet he'll wave at you.

Thinking aloud....who will write this blog when Nadine melts?

Nadine said...

Ryan, I am not the Wicked Witch of the West, therefore, I do not melt.

What, my defense of Randy Jones (HBF #2) wasn't the best one? Not my letter to the NHL coaches?

Lastly, I will wear the jersey in the appropriate fashion/direction.

Ryan said...

Then you should make a sign!

Do you have your own posts ranked? Those other two were back in the days of links that took you away from your blog, which is not where I want to be, so I can't even compare them....

You would melt if RJ and RK waved at you at the same time...I might even.

Ryan said...


Nadine said...

Signage is a little too close to puck bunny ranks for my taste. I'll just be a normal, cool fan.

To read my Randy defense, just click on my "randy j" label. It's the second post that loads, entitled "Randy Jones." (No links in it.)

New Year card was mailed to you today.

I would only melt if SK, MB, RJ and MR all stopped in front of me during warm-ups and said "Hi, Nadine" in Flyers stereo-surround.

And that just won't happen, so I'm safe! No melty-ness!