Jan 10, 2008

1/10 Flyers v. Evil Rangers

A.K.A: The Scott Hartnell Show

Can you say "hat-trick?" Hartsie can! Way to step in to the void following Lups' injury and to carry on the tradition.

Question: Seeing as I'm not a stat-bit queen, does any other team have three separate players with hat-tricks this season? (What about a single player with back-to-back hat-tricks?)

Welcome to the Jungle

Congratulations, Rosie, on your first goal of the season! I don't know why but I thought you already had one. Mentally, I probably changed one of your assists into a goal some time ago. Again, congrats!

Welcome Back, Gags!

Simon, way to re-enter the line-up! I know that the Flyers faithful are very happy to see you skating at game time. Pushing one in on your 2/3 French Connection line is just icing on the cake.

Other Notes

Dear Niitty,

You had me scared for 20 minutes. Way to stick it to the Blue Shirts.

Dear Guys,

Okay, now I'm looking forward to Saturday's game! It's the Bruins. Remember, those funny guys who have trouble keeping their heads up? Yeah, them. So, please fall over backwards - literally, if you must - to keep them from earning any of you a suspension.

Love yas,


Anonymous said...

my prediction?

gagne suspended 10 games for being within 15 ft of a bruin when they fall down.


Nadine said...

PP: Which would just be hilarious since Gagne is wearing a neck brace!