Jan 11, 2008

1000 and counting


Happy 1,000 post to all of the Hockey's Ladies of Greatness, or HLOG, women! Whether we're setting the feminist movement back 30 years or a militant feminist organization, there's no doubt that we're committed fans of our teams and hockey.

A 1:00 p.m Start?

I'll set one alarm clock to wake me and a second to remind me to "get out of the apartment and down to the train station already!"

See you in Section 115 tomorrow. Yes, that's right. I sprung for a not-very-cheap seat.

Guys, remember. Bruins = Tricky.


CapsChick said...

YAY HLOG!!!! Women rock. Women hockey fans? Go for global domination ;)

You guys have two 1:00 starts in a row? Ick.

Nadine said...

CC: No, just one 1:00 start time. But I'll need the second alarm clock to remind me to leave on time or I'll miss it!

CapsChick said...

Oh, sorry, lol - I meant your team. You guys are here on Sunday, 1:00 (ugh) when I will have the same alarm clock issue that you will have tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...

Y'all should become AHL fans. It's 5pm or 7pm, end of stories. Even if my NHL team's babies are currently spanking my AHL chilluns.

Deryk Engelland is out of the lineage, by the way.

Nadine said...

CC: Ahhh, I now perceive what you are saying.

It's been a long week at work and almost a month since I was at a hockey game. Boo-hoo for me.