Jan 15, 2008

Off-topic: Argh!

Promotion = More vacation time, which perhaps I'll use someday.

Promotion = More pressure to continue to excel at work...'cause slacking isn't an option.

Promotion = Being too effing tired to write a post!

Actually, it's just that post-holidays, back-to-the-routine routine. Meeting here. Deadline there.

I'll be back to regular posts featuring stunning insight and biting sarcasm and snark soon. In the meantime, answer the poll. I need the feedback and your vote may break my internal dead-lock.


KMS2 said...

I voted! I've actually had two hockey book reviews in draft for the past several months. I've been meaning to get them posted but just can't find the time or energy. Oh wait, there's a third book I want to review...oh crap, I'll never get those reviews done.

Ryan said...

Nadine - you know anything about Tim P and Ed Moran?

Congrats on getting moved to the softserve machine!

Nadine said...

kms2: Oh, thank God someone's actually reading this! You know those days where you wonder about it? Yeah, that's been my whole week. Here's hoping these last two days are better.

Ryan: Tim P & Ed Moran...like what? Give me more of a hint and I promise I'll have a straight answer.

Hey, I do not work at Dairy Queen! (Nothing wrong with it...I love their soft serve.)