Jan 16, 2008

Here's a thought...

Dear NHL "leadership,"

When you hit a Wednesday that you've designated as that day of the week where you complete the annoying, routine tasks that give you no joy and require absolutely no creativity, your mind wanders.

Weird thoughts occur to you. Most of mine centered on - what else - hockey.

Just in case any of you decide to take advantage of the unfettered opportunity to know what real hockey fans think by wandering through the blogosphere and stumbling on my crazy universe, here's what I want to know today:

1. Why are there no term limits for the NHL commissioner? The Schmuck's closing in on his 15th anniversary with you. Hockey fans will be gnashing their teeth come February 1, okay? Isn't it enough Bettman already? Wouldn't some fresh ideas be nice?

2. If you can pull in an NBA lawyer for the post, would you ever consider a dedicated female fan for it? I'm certain any number of HLOGers or other female fans could do at least as good as him. (I'm sure most could do better, in fact.)

Presuming that Canada has its own version of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission...and I'm sure they do...is the NHL committed to compliance?

4. What was wrong with the old division and conference names? Did they really have to be changed? If you needed more names due to expansion plans, couldn't you have borrowed a few more from some of those shiny trophies? I personally like Byng and Vezina. (Tip: Those regional names have zero personality to them.)

5. What exactly do you have against bloggers? You can't even get an acceptable TV deal and you want to nitpick about allowing bloggers access to the game? I've got a Philly-ism for that, but it's not fit for public consumption.

6. When does Chelios get his gold watch? He's no Joe Sakic, okay? Enough!

If you don't want to comment on the post so that others can read your answers, feel free to send me an email. (Since you don't seem to have working knowledge of blogs and bloggers, use the little envelope icon to send me a message, 'kay?)

To my Gentle Readers, comment away!

Kindest regards,

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