Jan 16, 2008

1/16 Panthers v. Flyers

First Intermission

I don't care what happens in the next two periods. Four goals by four different guys (Kimmo, Simon, Danny and Scott) makes me smile three out of four times.

Guys, that being said, please play like you are on fire, 'kay? Thanks!

Second Intermission

Dudes, that wasn't quite the "on fire" I meant. Please check yourselves before you come back on the ice.

After some reflection, here are the keys to the third:

1. No unnecessary penalties against us. (None would be optimal, guys.)
2. No sloppy plays, Hatch. You've been around too long to do that.
3. Act like our blue line is your baby sister's virginity: Post a "No Trespassing" sign and lock it down.

Third Period Reflections

So, no, I'm not a Briere fan. But in a game like tonight's, I really don't mind his empty-net goal. Good on him, because insurance is nice to have.

And it's about time we win at home.

I'm calling Kimmo Timonen as a star of the game (1 G, 2 A). My other two votes go to Niitty and that Vokoun guy - just to show that I can be a good fan of the winning team. However, Richie is awarded the third star, which was the more likely scenario with his two assists.

Shameless Plug: Vote!

Fellow HLOGer Sherry's Scarlett Ice is nominated for "Best Sports Blog" in the Canadian Blog Awards. Congratulations, Sherry!

Now, I don't know if this is allowed. If not, I'll claim ignorance of the process by reason of being from the U.S.A. Anyway, voting is open but you can only vote once. Please consider casting one for Sherry.


kristin said...

Um, maybe you could take back "I don't care what happens in the next two periods"?

Nadine said...

Nope, I'm going to stick by it. Besides, I really don't have that much sway on the guys and the Hockey Gods don't care about insignificant little old me. (I do not pay tribute, so why bother?)

Really, it wouldn't be so bad if somebody did something about Vokoun and Jokinen.

kristin said...

nah, you should take it back anyhow. it's real easy to do...just go to "edit posts"...

Sherry said...

Thank you for the Shamepless Plug, Nadine. I'm not too optimistic considering the heavy-hitters I'm up against but the support is always nice!