Jan 20, 2008

11/20 Sens v. Flyers

Flyers subtitle: We'd really like more of the same
Sens subtitle: We're really tired of losing and we may have Alfie back

I'm looking forward to tonight's game even though I won't be in attendance. I wanted to be there. I tried to make myself buy a ticket. In spite of the fact that my employers actually do observe the MLK holiday, I just couldn't suck it up enough to deal with a cab from Center City on a Sunday.

So, guys, sue me.

I'd dearly love to see us win at home against the Sens. I'd also like to see huge plays by everybody on the ice. One baby, tiny, yet HUGE hiccup: We're playing at home and we kind of suck there right now.

But, I'm game for this game. I mean, who wouldn't be, what with Downie in the line-up and the Sens in town?

Pre-Game Update

I'm going to rub this in a little more because it keeps me entertained. Headed in to tonight's game, here's the tally in the Official (Unofficial) Points Race, brought to you by Nadine of Flyers.Femme:

All-Star Richie: 21 G + 31 A = 52 (+/- is 14)
Tiny!Briere: 19 G + 26 A = 45 (+/- is -12)

First Period

Awwwww, no Alfie for the Sens. Of course, Heatley is also out while recovering from a separated shoulder. (Ouch! Those hurt and are annoying.)

Niitty in net for us. Ref talks to Downie, so the convo means "walk away and let the other teams' guys visit your lovely away sin bin."

Coby scores! Cote kills McGrattan(shoulder). Hartsie + Cartsie, 2gether 4ever!

Second Period

Scottie truly comes back from that ankle sprain tonight by putting one on the board. Umby nets one shortly thereafter.

Am I the only one who feels Sami's frustration? He's the new Scott Hartnell since his knee sprain. Plenty of hard work and chances, but nothing going in the goal. Of course, he also makes tons of big plays for us by stopping the other teams' guys. Oh, and he's not afraid to take on the big guys (like Chara the Giraffe).

Breaking news: Hockey Harem Shake-up

No, I'm not removing or demoting Sami. Jonesy and Richie are being promoted. Marty is demoted. Niitty is being added. (Goalies are my favorites, remember?) Don't ask for a reason. I don't have or need one. ;p

Third Period

Gerber's out. Emery's in.

Samiiiiii! And it was short-handed. Woo-hoo! (Thank you, God, for hearing my prayer. I totally called that one!) [jumping up and down, shouting for joy]

Scottie works his second one in on the power play. Vandermeer takes on Donovan.

End of Game Update

I am one happy Flyers fan tonight!

Five different guys put six on the board. Three of them hadn't netted goals for quite some time. (Coburn in 18, Upshall in 14, and dear Sami in 34. Flyers TV guys: Please interview those three. We haven't seen and heard them in some time.)

We beat the Sens again. Okay, Alfie and Heatley weren't there. Don't rain on my parade! It pushed us into a three-way tie for first in the Atlantic with...

1. Lucifer's little minions: We play them at home on Tuesday. They like to beat on us...and for some reason we let them do it. Of course, Jersey Marty is like a brick wall and robs everyone all the time.

2. Cindy-less Pens: Hurry up, Thursday! I can't wait to watch the latest installment of the 2007-08 Battle of Pennsylvania live.


Pegleggedpete said...

if the flyers can get the kind of offensive depth they've been carrying lately, the devils have alot to worry about.

The pens game though will be sad for the simple fact that i really, really, wanted to see Richards finally get a chance to drop the gloves with Captain Divey McYappypants. Leave it to Crosby and his "high ankle sprain"(if i recall correctly) just to get out of another flyer whoopin.

Nadine said...

PLP: We'll see for the Devils game. I'm being cautious about that one.

Re: Cindy's high ankle sprain - If it's one of those...ouch! Had one, would rather have broken the thing. Although I will miss his Razzie-worthy diving.

Oh, well. There's always next time!

pegleggedpete said...

i will say that i know how crosby feels as well. while playing in high school i got my feet taken out from under me and went into the boards basically like he did, except i broke my fibula.

Nadine said...

PLP: Yikes! How's that feel these days?

My worst high school sports injury wasn't the ankle...it was the permanent displacement of my jaw in volleyball. (There's nothing quite like arthritis in your face! :D)

If you were Johnny tomorrow, what would be your advice to the guys on weaknesses to exploit?

Pegleggedpete said...

Shut down Parise and shell brodeur.

one thing i've noticed that the flyers have improved on is shots. near the beginning of the season it seems like they couldn't get 20 shots off in a game, and against brodeur, that won't work.

This is the first time they've played the devils since gagne returned as well, so there's some more offensive punch for the flyers.

So i guess we'll see!