Jan 22, 2008

11/22 Diablitos v. Flyers

We Interrupt...

Dudes, I can't watch this one. I just couldn't handle it if we did well or if we lost big time.

So I'll be the ostrich with my head in the sand until tomorrow. If that makes me chicken s**t, well, stick and stones, baby!

Rumors Everywhere!

Dear Mr. Holmgren,

I'm sure that you consult the wisdom of all the die-hard blogging fans out there before making any changes.

That bit of sarcasm aside, here's my two cents:

Sundin: No.

Forsberg: Not unless he's severely discounted, his alabaster ankles, feet and groin have been surgically replaced with a compound created by NASA that cannot be damaged and we don't have to give up anyone.

Carter: Who is the sad sack of you-know-what that even thought of starting that rumor? Don't listen to him! You've said repeatedly that the Flyers organization will not sacrifice the young guys, so live that statement.

Please do not mess with what has worked so well, so far. Remember where this team was last year? We're vastly improved through your wise purchases. For all my occasional PMSing here, I'm happy with what you've accomplished.

So unless God him/herself has promised that such a move is going to 100% secure a visit from Lord Stanley so that I can skip out of work to watch you guys pass by my office, just say no.

Thank you kindly in advance.

Yours truly,


Pegleggedpete said...

Flyers didn't shell Brodeur.
27 shots doesn't cut it against him, 35 and it might have been a different game.

Too many penalties.

since i only got to watch the realtime ticker on nhl.com while i was in class, i don't know if the refs basically handed the game to the devils or if the flyers were just playing sloppy, but c'mon, how do you give simon gagne a roughing call...

Now, looking forward, how about some misplaced rage towards the pens thursday? good way to bounce back and work out any lingering frustrations.

Pegleggedpete said...

Addition to previous post:

Sundin or Forsberg are not needed at all.

If anything it sends a bad message to the team that seems to just now be getting some awesome chemistry.

Nadine said...

PLP: I agree, too many penalties. That just can't happen against the Devils for us to win the game. Although your theory on the refs is a distinct possibility...