Jan 23, 2008


Last Night - Yuck!

Basically, two things that have plagued the team all season (so far) happened last night:

1. Lack of consistency or "urgency" as Johnny is fond of saying.

I'm thinking it's more like there's a collective attention span of a gnat when everybody's added together. How else do you account for three defensemen on the ice because you weren't paying attention to your line changes during a penalty kill?

Which is a nice segue into the next item on the list.

2. Penalty trouble...people in Halloween colors spent too much time in the sin bin. Seriously, I don't care if the Devils penalty kill has been 0 for 30,000 since the start of the season, you cannot let them have that many free shots.

You guys have the top-ranked power play in the league, not the top-ranked penalty kill.

Tomorrow Night

Dear Guys,

We face the Flightless Black Birds tomorrow night. Yes, Cindy is relegated to the Press Box if he travels over for the game, but the Pens are doing better than fine without him.

Besides, I've promised that we'll at least pound them a good one to the guys over at Four Habs Fans in exchange for enthusiastic booing of Z the Giraffe. Not only did the fans fulfill that promise, Elder Koivu and his henchmen pounded the Bruins the way we pounded the Pens last time they visited us.

(FHF guys, if we beat the Pens, will you make sure to beat the New Jersey Devils?)

See you tomorrow night. I'll be sporting the jersey, rocking the glass with Kristin for warm-ups, then running up to the front of 212 to watch the mess.

Yours truly,


HabsFan29 said...

Nadine, we'll try, but no promises. Brodeur has our number.

Pegleggedpete said...

I can't wait for Downie to fight Laraque tonight.

Downie's gutsy enough to do it, and i'd give him slightly better odds than anybody else!