Jan 3, 2008

Mid-season annoyances

Lucifer's Team

Bet you didn't know that Satan lives in Newark, NJ, much less that he has a hockey team? (Margee, I'm not maligning Miro, I promise.)

Jersey Marty and his minions (plus a really short guy named Gionta) will have another go at Philly Marty and the guys tomorrow night.

Positives for this game are:

1. HH Sami recovered sufficiently from the flu to practice today.
2. HBF #2 Randy's sprained knee improved enough to practice today as well.
3. We won our last three games.

Negatives for the contest would be:

a. Timonen wasn't at practice because he's plagued by the flu now. (Get well soon!)
b. Upshall and Gator don't look too likely to play tomorrow. (Ditto x 2!)
c. We won our last three games.

Hire me, please!

Friends, I think the Philadelphia Flyers communications crew needs to hire me.

There's a certain Flyers communications person who's driving me up the wall with his poorly written English. It's bad enough that there are times it seems he knows less about hockey than the average puck bunny.

But cursing me with bad English?

Simon Gagne was injured. He didn't get injured.

Speaking of Gagne

Gagne's return to the game appears to be sooner rather than later. He's done a good job of taking the time to recover from the second concussion. It will be interesting to see which line Simon will be on and how they fare together.

Somewhat Good News

If the season ended today, we'd be in the playoffs. Actually, all of the Atlantic Division teams would be in the mix. Quite nice considering last year, eh?


For those of you who read my blog fairly regularly, you know that I'm pulling for Richie to bag the most points for the season over Briere. (He is my HBF #3.)

So, here's the latest update for the Official (Unofficial) Points Race brought to you by Nadine of Flyers.Femme:

Richards: 18 G + 25 A = 43 (+/- is 9)
Briere: 16 G + 23 A = 39 (+/- is -7)


kristin said...

wow. that game was craptacular.

Nadine said...

The game may have been craptacular but my friend Tamika discovered the game of hockey!

I think last night's game is another example of the schedule quirkiness. Too many days off or too many games in a week...imagine how bad it is for the guys!

Plus, 'tis the season for injuries and illness! (Yeah.)