Jan 5, 2008

We beat the Leafs!

1. About last night:

Had Pandolfo played last night, I would say it was Pando-monium. But he didn't, so I won't.

I have nothing nice to say about last night's loss to Satan's boys. I'll take a cue from my parents and grandparents and not say anything at all.

(Lack of posting last night due to a celebration with my best friend over my promotion at work. Nuh!)

2. Road game susperstitions: check

Tonight I observed them all!

a.) Wearing black sweater with orange cami
b.) No watching game on TV or listening to it on the radio
c.) Reading all of the new posts on HLOG

That second superstition means that I once again relied on the the Game Summary insta-refreshes to keep me on pins and needles.

3. Positives from tonight's game:

a.) We won.
b.) While Lucifer's minions have our number, the Leafs don't seem to have learned it just yet.
c.) Richie scored a goal!

4. Negatives:

a.) Sami took a puck to the face and is now the proud owner of 25 stitches. Yikes!
b.) Lups slammed into Hatch, had to be helped from the ice and, in all likelihood, will be out with a concussion, err, "dizzyness."
c.) Briere had a Cindy Crosby assist on Richie's goal. Grrr!

Side bar side note:

Since a few individuals have trouble keeping the members of my hockey harem straight, I created a list displaying their photos and the appropriate (current) order.

P.S.: Sportsquee's Bunker Christmas Party (parts 1 and 2) feature Kristin and I, as well as the other HLOGers and some other well-known hockey bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, how did I get aced out of the Xmas party?

kristin said...

You are in part two, dissing Briere...

Anonymous said...

REALLY? *runs off to look*

I am made of awesome!

Shmee said...

Girl, I just laughed out loud at "Pando-monium".

KMS2 said...

I can't believe Lupul is out!! I have him on two fantasy teams!