Feb 23, 2008

2/23 Kitty Cats v. Flyers

First Period

No goals by anyone. We successfully killed two penalties. Overall, the play seems to be waaaay more inspired than Thursday.

By the way, Ollie Jokinen is there tonight but his presence isn't as forceful and all-consuming as usual.

Second Period

Danny Briere scores a goal! (Blondie, thanks for the assist.)

And then we lose focus, earning a too many men on the ice penalty. *eye roll* However, we successfully kill that penalty also and finish out the period with the only goal and lead.

Third Period

Hey, Jay Bouwmeester, like taking out Simon Gagne wasn't enough this season? You had to knock around Richie tonight, too? No, apparently Bouwmeester also wanted to cruelly rob Niitty of a shut-out.

Sound guys waited for it and played GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle" for the mini-intermission before OT. That's when you're supposed play it, not during the third period.

Over Time

Hustle, guys. Be wild.

Jones, love ya, but why the penalty? Apparently, Ollie decided to wake up for OT and he scored.

Dear Guys,

I'm not going to whine much about this one. (Well, I'll curse out the Florida Kitty Cats but that's all.) You played better. You had energy. You created opportunities and took advantage of them.

Stay positive. Work hard but don't think too hard about it. Have fun at the carnival tomorrow.

Side rant: Another ED commercial? AAAAHHHH! My ears are burning! I'm too young to be hearing about this. Always, Kotex, Platex and Stay-Free: help a fangirl out!

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kristin said...


this was a heartbreaker.

plus, I was in my row 1 seats and had the misfortune of seeing both goals up close. I almost passed out when Bouwmeester scored. No, seriously, I fell over in my chair. You can see it on the replay!