Feb 25, 2008

2/25 Flyers v. Sabres

God Help Us

Bad news: The IR is not fun to look at right now. Plus, Richie joined it last game.

Good news, depending on who you talk to: Steve Downie (Fabric Softener) and Jesse Bowl-of-Rice are returning to the the line-up.

First Period

I'm not surprised. Boulerice v. Peters is a completely predictable scuffle.

Okay, two goals in less than 15 seconds is fun...when your team is the one scoring. This doesn't look good. Marty cannot do it all, and he shouldn't have to either.

There goes a third one for the Buffaslugs. Yikes! (The population of Pominville has grown by another one, argh.)

Score, Blondie! Much love to Knuble and Jonesy for the back-up on that one. Way to turn the momentum.

Fast-forward to just under two minutes later: Score, Hartsie! Thoresen, way to contribute in your second game.

Second Period

Some penalties that we killed successfully. No change in score.

Third Period

Guys, what if you woo us by flirting with your B game? I don't expect to see the A-, A, or A+ game, but B isn't asking for too much, right?

Score, R.J.! (With a little help from his friends Coby and Knuble.) Now, kiddies, hang on to your hats and wait for the ride to come to a full and complete stop.

Over Time

Please! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! You guys are trying to kill all of us, right?

Shoot Out

Does it even matter?

Connolly...stopped! Timonen...stopped.
Kotalik...argh! Carter...in!
Roy...fanned! Briere...Holy God in Heaven! He did it!

Take that Buffaslugs!

What is this feeling I'm experiencing?
Oh, yes...it's a win and two points that belong to the Philadelphia Flyers!

And In Other News

We picked up some guy named Vinny Prospal. Is he any good? (Insert heavy sarcasm there.)

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Pegleggedpete said...

it would seem my threat to mr. briere finally got him to start earning that paycheck.

glad to see a flyers win, and i hope prospal does well in philly.

The losing streak is over! hooray!