Feb 6, 2008

2/06 Caps v. Flyers

As of 10:00 in the Third

Congratulations, Hextall. Thanks, Knuble! (Wait, is the KGB [Knuble-Gagne-Briere] line back or was that a line-change fluke?)

That's all I can say for tonight's game.

Oooh, Blog Candy!

Gentle Readers,

There's a new poll!

So while I contemplate ditching it all to move back to South America - just 'cause it's fun to think about doing it - make your voices heard on the ambiente acá.


OMG! Two from the Harem!

Sami! Woo-hoo! (With that assist by Cartsie, and the first goal by the KGB line, did Stevens opt for "old home week" with the lines in honor of Hexie?)

Wait, Randy also! Double woo-hoo!

Final Score: Caps 4, Flyers 3. Long live our consistent inconsistency.

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