Feb 5, 2008

2/05 Flyers v. Thrashers


Yep, pulling out my ancestors' native language for this post.

Context: "Due to my completely ridonkculous superstitions related to Flyers' away games, it is strictly verboten for me to watch the game on TV (even if it's finally on the CW) or to listen to it on the radio."

In this case, it doubly stunk because tonight was one of the times Bill Clement was covering for Keith Jones. Argh!

Thanks, Guys

In the Finnish goalie showdown, we won. Niitty's record increases to 8 straight wins over the Thrash. We'll see what tonight's 3-2 score does to his GAA for that period.

(Psst: I loved the photo on the Flyers' site today of Niitty stretching next to Lehtonen. Finns...squee!)

Other shout-outs go to the Mikes (Knuble = 1 G; Richie = 1 G + 1 A) and Downie.

As a result of the win, we abandon the three-way tie for the division lead. Pens and Devils fans are sure to be gnashing their teeth right about now.

Super Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday

Dudes, I don't care. The Pennsylvania Presidential Primary isn't until April 22. Even though we have a few delegates the candidates would like to have, I feel it will hardly matter by then.

Besides, all three of my first choices have dropped out of the race. They each had more of the "experience" need to effect "change" to truly benefit the country.

I guess my intuition works for picking who's going to be on fire for the Flyers any given year. You know, I can live with that!

And all of you states that moved to create "Super Tuesday": Shame on you for ruining the attention that would normally go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! The nerve of some people.

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Anonymous said...

At least it's self imposed. I keep getting "Sorry, you're in all of PA's broadcast radius and most of DC's!" trying to watch ANYONE on Yahoo/VS/Center Ice preview. I'm gonna move to North Dakota just so they can't black me out anymore.