Feb 4, 2008

Updates and Celebrations


No hockey since Saturday. No hockey until tomorrow. So here's a few bits and pieces to tide me over to then.

Niitty will get the start in Atlanta. Yes, Marty had his third shut-out of the season, but Antero has some sweet stats against the Thrash. (Bad boy has seven straight wins against them and made 27 saves on 28 shots in the last tilt.)

Lups sports a good baseline test and clear MRI. Although both tests show good resolution of the concussion and spinal contusions Joffrey sustained on January 4, doctors have not cleared him to return to the line-up until February 14 at the earliest. I'm hoping to see him in February 17's game against the Habs, just in time for Fan Appreciation Night.

Forsberg fodder continues. Holmgren took a scouting trip to Sweden. (Fine, fine but please get us some more Finns! I want to see an all-Finn shift on the ice.) While there, he talked with Peter Forsberg and his agent, fanning the flames on the rumor mill just a little bit more.

Either do it or don't, b
ut, Peter, if you really want to make it up to the fans in Philly, find a way to come back without breaking our CAP or forcing us to trade anyone away. Even under those circumstances, I still wouldn't be comfortable with the message it sends.

4. Going completely off-topic: Thank you to the
NY Giants! While I admire the Pats' all-for-one mentality, I'm so tired of Tom Brady. He is just so over-exposed. On the other hand, Kristin did have an interesting idea related to his penchant for dating models in a recent post.


1. Mike Knuble's hat-trick!

Marty Biron's shut-out!

Kristin's surrender to The Pronger Effect! (Just kidding!)

My 100th post!

Official (Unofficial) Points Race

As always, brought to you by moi!

Richie: 21 G + 36 A = 57 (+/- is 12)
Briere: 20 G + 30 A = 50 (+/- is -15)

I'm sooooooo enjoying this! Hee-hee.


kristin said...

Um, I don't think surrendering to The Pronger is something to celebrate. I feel very very dirty.

I really do not think Forsberg will be back at all. His foot will continue to hold him back. If he tried to come back, I don't think it would be with us.

Congrats on your 100th post! That's a lot!

Okay, off to "edit" my pictures of The Pronger!

KMS2 said...

How is Briere a -15?? Does he have a lot of PPG? I guess I could just look that stat up...

Nadine said...

Kristin: Ooooh, editing Pronger pix. That could be truly scary to see! Let me know when they're ready. :)

KMS2: It's nothing that scoring or assisting on some even strength or short-handed goals, plus a hat-trick or two more couldn't fix. :)

Really, that -15 is kind of misleading. He's playing solidly enough if having 50 points prior to tonight's game means anything at all.