Feb 10, 2008

2/10 Flyers v. Pens

Rant #1: Yep, don't give us excuses. None of us wants to hear them. Moving on...

Rant #2: I'll get to my point shortly but here's the back-story...

So, I'm reading over all the pre-game chatter and articles related to today's Battle of Pennsylvania match-up and imagine my surprise when I read this comment by Ryan Malone:

"Sid gets a lot of attention. Now that Geno's [Evgeni Malkin] under the microscope, everybody is seeing how talented he is. He's right up there with all the best players in the league. He's just proving it now. We all knew that before, but I think everyone else is realizing that as well."

Pardon me, but there was confusion about Malkin being one of the best in the NHL?

We are talking about last season's Calder Trophy winner, right? Do you people think they just hand that sparkly out to any old player?

Here's the deal: Yep, Cindy Crosby is a good player. However, his promotion as the de facto NHL player SpokesBot does not negate and should not overshadow the greatness of one Evgeni Malkin. Kid's record only looks as anemic as it has because he's been forced to make room for Crosby at center (his true position) to play wing.

Look, I don't like Malkin. I have nothing against him personally, really. This dislike is due to the fact that he plays for the Pens and is frequently the on-ice companion of one Cindy Crosby, who drives me up the freakin' wall! Were he playing for the Flyers, I'm sure I'd feel a lot more generous towards the kid.

Dear Guys,

Yep, Scottie's still out. Now Coby's out, too. We have Lups back and his presence can be felt.

Here's the deal. Make today's game the tilt it should be and we all expect. Here's what to keep in mind today:

  • Absolutely, positively no unnecessary penalties!
  • Do not let Malkin get free. Whoever's assigned to him, play the man and the puck when he has it.
  • Gator, let Malone start whatever he wants. Just make sure to finish it.
  • One-word, which requires no explanation: Laraque. Yep, him.

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