Feb 13, 2008

You lot are hopeless

No, I'm not directing that one at the guys.

The results from the poll were worse than a Democratic Primary with the options Obama, Clinton, Neither, and I don't know.

There was a tie between "God, no!" and "Jump ship...to WordPress" at 28% each. There was also a tie at 21% for "Yep, yep!" and "Totally ambivalent."

So, stay tuned...changes may or may not be coming this way.


kristin said...

I knew I should have stuffed the ballot box with "jump ship to wordpress!"

Nadine said...

Hey, while I like a lot that WordPress has to offer, I sort of can't stand the thought of having to pay to alter the code if I want to change it.

However, I do like their templates a lot better.

Does this mean you're thinking of moving there?