Feb 16, 2008

2/16 Flyers v. Habs


It's the hockey equivalent of a Chinese Fire Drill. Coach is shaking everything up again. I guess he figures it can't hurt to try something different yet again. Here are the lines, until Stevens changes his mind again:

Hartnell - Richards - Briere
Upshall - Carter - Lupul
Knuble - Umberger - Kapanen

So, we get Scottie back tonight. Coburn and Hatcher will sit out at least one more game.

At this point, I'm just praying for one even-strength goal against the Habs this weekend.

I'll post here on the intermissions. During the play, I'll be hanging out with the Four Habs Fans.

First Intermission - Remarks on First

Well, that was actually okay. Stevens did make a few more line tweaks. The Habs fans were consistent and loud when booing Briere. Niitty, thanks for the big stops!

Dear ABC,

WTF were you thinking to show Miracle the same night as real hockey games?

Not a lot of love to give right now,

Second Intermission - Remarks on Second

Cary Price is having a good night. We remember how that feels. Essentially, the guys would have to come out as if they own the place to get on the board, let alone win.

Lups sat out the whole period with a lower body injury and will not be returning. Crap!


kristin said...

That game did not suck. I am not angry. Then again, I missed the last 5 minutes and the no goal, so maybe that is why I am somewhat pleased.

Nadine said...

I wasn't displeased until that final five minutes either. They had good opportunities, it's just that it was Cary Price's night for a shut-out.

Now, the refs at the end: Yep, that I'm not happy about.

We'll see what happens tonight.