Feb 17, 2008

Revancha: Habs v. Flyers

Dear Guys,

You were firing on all cylinders last night. It was just Cary Price's night for a shut-out.

Fan Appreciation Night

Right, Comcast-Spectacor can appreciate me by pulling my seat number for one of the better prizes of the night, i.e., don't give me the Lukoil Gas thing since I don't have a car! (And if you do, give me a chance to exchange it.) One of the Flyers-related prizes would be best; however, I'm never fortunate enough to land any prizes.

Of course, the best way to appreciate me as a fan is with a win.

1 comment:

Pegleggedpete said...

i'm wearing my flyers jersey over my flyers T-shirt and have my flyers calendar right over where i'll be listening to the game.

trying as hard as i can to get some good juju in the air for the boys tonight.