Feb 18, 2008

Buckle Down

I didn't take notes during the game, largely because I ended up sitting next to Tina. She's nice and knows hockey every bit as well as her boyfriend, a former hockey player. We talked, found common ground on several points and made snarky comments in those moments that were just too painful to watch. (That "we" includes the boyfriend, too.)

The one outstanding positive of last night's game was Riley Cote's first NHL goal. Welcome to the club, Riley.

First Period

I loved the first period. It was exciting, high energy and seemed to last longer than the usual twenty minutes. Kovalev scored, but so what? That's what he does for the Habs. Of course, Richie put one in short-handed and that's what he does for us.

Things that made me want to scream:

Begin's hit on Tolpenko.
I like Denis! We'd just gotten him back from a separated shoulder and time spent with the Phantoms. Now he's out with a mild concussion. (The second one of the home-and-home since Downie's out with one also.)

Vandermeer's mental lapse. Requires no explanation at all.

I wasn't too disappointed with the score at the end of the first.

Second Period

The second period seemed to start off with a bang, thanks to Coby's goal in his first game back from the Pain in the @$$.

Things that made me want to scream:

Cary Price. Kid is on his game and that's on fire right now.

Five power plays that don't result in a goal. Four of them were consecutive. Everyone was thinking too hard or telegraphing the shot by taking too much time to line it up. Oh, and Briere was mincing in and causing everyone to slow down.

Creating a 5-3 penalty kill. Self-explanatory when playing anyone, but particularly the Habs.

Third Period

Frustration City. Niitty made some amazing saves throughout the night.

Things that made me want to scream:

The best display of consistent inconsistency in the NHL continues to be the officiating by the referees, something I think all fans - regardless of team colors - can agree on.

We'll see what happens on Tuesday against Ottawa. I'll be present for the Sharks game on Thursday.

Until then, have fun hockey fans!


HabsFan29 said...

The best display of consistent inconsistency in the NHL continues to be the officiating by the referees

absolutely, we can all agree on that. i do not understand half the calls last night - on either side. some real head scratchers.

Love the new white background!

Nadine said...

Just because I'm a Flyers fan and depressed over the team's performance doesn't mean my blog has to look like it! (Although I personally love white type on a black background, I know it's not for everyone.)