Feb 19, 2008

Steal from the Devils

Check Your Baggage

As a Flyers fan, it's pretty much a given that New Jersey is not among my favorite "other" teams. (Yes, you can be a Philadelphia sports fan and like teams from other cities.)

I can say that I bear no ill will towards their fans, even when they do against me. The two coolest Devils fans are Schnookie and Pookie over at IPB.

I don't envy Devils fans for very many things. I try to keep envy to a minimum; it's just not productive. Sure, I'd like our last seven games to not be straight loses. I'm 100% certain that the guys feel the same way.

Here's the one thing I do envy: Captain Langenbrunner's "F*** this S***" attitude.

Gator, please distribute a memo on this. This is the attitude the whole team needs to adopt. I mean, you're all sort of
this close anyway by virtue of being Flyers, if the rest of the 'Fraidy Cats in the NHL are to be believed.

Tonight, Tonight

In another nod to blog pimpage, my HLOG sisters Sherry at Scarlett Ice and A Quiet Girl at Hockey Will Tear Us Apart are probably feeling just as dire about this game and Kristin and I are.

I don't forsee any 6-1 blow-outs on our part, so Sens fans should relax a little. Plus, no Downie Fabric Softener as the Habs concussed the guy.

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Interchangeable Parts said...

Aw, Nadine, you and Kristen are the two coolest Flyers fans!

As for Captain F*** This S***, he's not been bringing that attitude much lately, so if Gator wants to distribute that memo to Newark too, that'd be appreciated!