Feb 19, 2008

2/19 Flyers v. Sens

Random Thoughts

Because I just can't manage anything else right now:

Vandermeer...as a winger? I am so confused. He hasn't caused enough problems on the back end that we have to put him up front now? I take it back, that scares me.

Kukkie...ouch! And Biron goes down. Both guys stay in the game.

Briere that's just one reason why you're -21! It's treasonous, I know, but I was over him when management brought him on-board. He hasn't looked Briere-like since the season opening road trip. Fewer of his jerseys at future games, please.

Kiiiimmooooo! A defenceman scores a SHG. I love it. I believe he's adopted the F this S attitude that I mentioned we need. (Thank you!)

Upshall (deflection while trying to get out of the way) and Dowd have put us back in the game.

Hey refs, nice non-call on all the slashing during Cartsie's break-away!

Go, Habs, Go!

Brian, et al. in the booth: You guys are going to kill me! Shut up!

goes down again. Jeez!

Guys: I'll attempt to speak for all fans saying we will so take that one point, thank you. But, we must ask, where were you for the first two periods?

Should I stay or should I go: It's a shoot-out. We don't do those. I'll know once I hear who's in (or out, as the case could be).

Alfie missed? Wow! Giroux, nice move.

Vermette, darn! Timonen, YES!

Spezza, ugh! Briere...no!!!! Why? Stevens, what were you thinking? He's totally snake-bit. He's -21! A shoot-out is not the place to try and fix that.

Off-topic note:
There was a Boston Medical Group erectile dysfunction commercial during the first period. Eeeewwwww! Where are Always, Platex, Kotex and Stay-Free when a fangirl needs them?


Pegleggedpete said...

i'm pretty sure we can get a decent defenseman for danny briere.

if you get a chance nadine, please pass this note to tiny:

Mr. Briere, if you do not stop playing like you're at a pickup game, i will personally book a flight to philadelphia, skin you, and wear my Danny Suit onto the ice, where i will proceed to be less of an obstruction and more of a team player, even with my fleshy cocoon inhibiting my playing ability, and also still play better than jim vandermeer.

Nadine said...

PLP: I don't think we need any more defencemen...we're turning them into forwards now.

And, while I may have a blog and write on HLOG, you're vastly over-estimating my contacts in the hockey world. (Thanks!)

I mean, it's not like any of the guys read this shite, right? Because if they did, surely my Valentines for each and everyone of them should have warranted a win by now. Or at least a comment or email. Or a wink or wave during warm-ups.