Mar 4, 2008

3/04 Sabres v. Flyers


Derian and Heather Hatcher and family on the arrival of their new daughter, Finley.

Oh no!

Briere's out with a minor shoulder sprain and listed day-to-day.

Batten Down the Hatches

We're taking on the BuffaSlugs, who have something to prove. They're slumping with four losses in the past five games. Crunchy (aka Ryan Miller) has been ridden hard over the past 19 games and starts tonight. Oh, and they want our #8 spot.

Game Stuff

C'mon! Why not just start the game with a shoot-out? I don't know that Pominville could have scored faster that way, but whatever. Why must we come from behind? And there goes another one, this time by Afinogenov. *sigh*

Hey, a four-on-four. What say we make-believe it's a power play?

Upshall: Score! (And more points for Timonen and Carter.)

HUGE scrum with 26 seconds left. After sorting out the penalties, we get the better of the sitch.

Personal Appeal: Bowl-of-Rice and Cote, tempting as it may be to scratch your itch with Kaleta, please do not do it! We're down in this game, we're battling to stay in the play-offs and we need to play smart hockey right now. Repeat: Don't do it.

Upshall makes a large hit on Tallinder. Tally-Ho is slow getting up and perhaps a little fruit-loopy.

Downie: Score! (Yeah Sami on the assist! Also pulling down a point, Modry.)


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