Mar 20, 2008

Road Trip Hiatus

Business trips during hockey season stink. Vacation I can deal with because I'm choosing to go away but I pick places where there are TV or Interweb possibilities to stay up-to-date with the Flyers and Hockey.

No such luck on this latest business trip. Thanks, IT security nazi for making it impossible to not only blog while I was away but to even fulfill my job duties. (I want hazard pay for what I'll confront in my inbox when I return to the office. Until then, I'm burying my head in the sand at home!)

On the up-shot, it's not like I really missed much. A stunning home-and-home loss to the Leafs (for crying out loud!), an OT loss to the Bruins (please tell me someone hit the Giraffe), a major blow-out suffered against the Pens (that makes up for our 8-2 pounding on them earlier in the season, right?) and a win over the Thrash (which we would not have achieved if not for Niitty).

Next up: A Good Friday match-up with the Evil blue-shirted Rangers at home. Dude, I can't even watch it...Ranger games are bad like Devils games this year. Good luck, guys! If that freakishly tall Valiquette is in the net, you're going to need it.

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