Mar 12, 2008

Is it too late...

To be a fan of the Jets, Nordiques and Whalers?

I'm not dropping the Flyers but I wonder: Is the life of fandom infinite?

In the case of these three hockey teams, I've seen or heard of four different fan responses:
  • Conservative Right: Fan dumps NHL hockey - maybe even all of hockey - entirely.
  • Moderate Option 1: Shows up to games in the dead team's sweater.
  • Moderate Option 2: Remains loyal to the team but adopts the new name, colors, sweater, etc.
  • Liberal Left: Relocates to where the team went and adopts the new team name, colors, etc.
Fortunately or unfortunately, the NHL is not the only professional sport to inflict this situation on its fans. Brooklyn Dodgers. Montreal Expos. Houston Oilers. Cleveland Browns. Possibly the Seattle Supersonics.

Yes, Houston and Cleveland experienced a resurrection for their NFL teams. In the case of (my) Browns, we sued Art Modell to keep the name and colors even though we lost the team. On the other hand, Houston has a new name and modified colors.

So, in light of discussions about the potential demise of the Supersonics and the Nashville Predators or Atlanta Thrashers, what are your feelings on the life span of being a fan for a deceased sports team?

P.S.: The Flyers' relationship with the home-and-home series is like our love affair with the shoot-out. It's equal to a win for the other team. Argh!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm positively a fan of the Whalers, but could pretty much write the Hurricanes off and be okay with it.

Also, where is this rumor of disbanding the Thrashers? What an O Frabjous Day that would be.....

(no, still haven't fully recovered from trade day.)