Apr 22, 2008

Are You Kidding?!!!!?

Dudes, I can't look! Literally.

  • I refuse to give Comcast any more money than they already have. (Philly is your home base, so we should get our cable for free!)
  • It's an away game, so I can't even listen to the radio feed. (Damned superstitions! And thanks to my former goalie brother getting me started on the stupid things...argh!)
  • The game summary auto-refresh is a killer. I only check it when I know a period is done.

So what's a fan to do when it's Game 7 of Round 1 and you see the final score is 2-2?

Don't know, still figuring it out, and continuing the "Please, Dear God" Flyers litany. Jesus Christ, help a homegirl out down here, 'kay?

Final Score: Flyers 3, Caps 2

A.) No Zilla. I am not happy, Boudreau.
C.) Does this mean we have to play the Habs?


CapsChick said...

Congrats to the Flyers! Well-played, hard-fought series all the way and a much deserved win for your boys. As I said on Kristin's blog, though, I can't root for you in the next round simply because you happened to draw my second favorite team, the Habs, as your dance partners - what are the odds?? ;)

Nadine said...

I understand completely, CC! Of course, depending on who has the puck in any given moment, I may be siding with the people wearing CH anyway.

K-Mart said...

i nearly was sick to my stomach last night watching the third period. the flyers did not deserve to win that game but we got lucky with that call in OT. i'll take it though. it shut up the pens fans i know.

Nadine said...

I pretty much agree but I'm taking it as pay-back for all the crap that didn't go our way during the 10-Game Time That Shall Not Be Named.

K-Mart said...

that was a terrible month. before that, i felt like we were the best team in the east, and now i'm nervous going into every game.