Apr 23, 2008

FHF: Triple-Dog Dare

When a game against the Canadiens rolls around, I generally swing over to Four Habs Fans. Sure they're enemies for the night. Yes, they display the traditional Montreal sense of entitlement. Okay, so they use the F word just as creatively as actual hockey players and post stripper pics.

On the other hand, they're probably the funniest lawyers on earth.

However, in light of their very suspect "History of Evil" series and several other questionable posts about the Flyers, I find that I must challenge them...each of them...playground-style.

HF4, HF10, HF29, Panger76:

I triple-dog dare each one of you to find one current flyer that you can actually stand
...y'know, provided we weren't facing off this round. Said responses:

1.) Must appear as comments to this post by the time tomorrow night's match-up ends.
2.) Shall include actual statistics and commentary on his style of play.

I realize your families will think you're totally nuts...not to mention your readership...but I'm pretty sure you can take it. :p

Besides, who knows what might happen over the summer?

No less love than any other day of the season out teams aren't physically playing one another,


HabsFan29 said...

one current Flyer that you can actually stand

hmmm, uh, uh, how about "impressed with in the playoffs so far"? I will freely admit to taking Briere (BOOOO!!!!) for this honour. you can't not be impressed when a sort of bust FA signing goes for 6-5-11 to lead all playoff scorers.

Nadine said...

Tiny!Briere? *Shakes head, tries to understand but is lost!*

Can't wait to see what happens with the other three choices.

kristin said...

Wouldn't this be a quadruple dog dare?

And way to get her ire up already HF29, by choosing her faaaaavorite Flyer. She loves Briere!

Nadine said...

Kristin: Nah, no ire here. Disbelief, maybe.

Honestly, are we the only two "not a Hater" Flyer fans out there?

Ok, I'm out...early flight tomorrow!

Habsfan10 said...

one current Flyer that you can actually stand

For his stellar work as a member of Canada's All-Conquering World Junior Champions, for his shot, and size, and goals, and for the hilarious tour of his apartment I saw on some Canadian highlight show, I can't say I hate Jeff Carter. Even more so after his very nonchalant reaction to getting pegged with a bottle in Washington the other night.

However, his skill set terrifies me. I've seen him take over games as a junior and I fear it may only be a matter of time before he does it in the pros ... here's hoping his coming out party isn't in the next seven games.

panger76 said...

Since 10 took him I'll pick someone other than Jeff Carter, so I'll go with Braydon Coburn so similar reasons - good memories of him helping Canada win at the WJC. I just hate that Philly pickpocketed Don Wadfell and the Thrashers to get him (reminds me of the Desjardins/LeClair deal). He'll be an all-star pretty soon.