Apr 28, 2008


Home of deep dish pizza, the Cubbies (my NL fave), and my other favorite "tribe," the Blackhawks.

Q. You go away for a few days. What happens?
A. The Flyers decide to beat the Habs, at home.

Honestly, guys. I was fine with the OT loss on Thursday. I didn't expect an OT situation, least of all in MTL, so yeah!

But beating them on Saturday in front of their own fans when - by all accounts - you played like the lesser team (well, except you Marty...you apparently got all the goalie mojo that night)?


We'll see how Price recovers from that game and whether he can continue to be Montreal's TFS (tm by FHF).

*Blondie: Find the people who investigated Miss Puerto Rico's claims of pepper in her dress and present them with every one of your sticks. This cannot continue...it smacks of tampering or poor construction/design.


Steph said...

I love the Cubbies! (But, I hate the Blackhawks...grrr.)

Nadine said...

I have to go with the under-dogs, plus I lived in the Chicago area for two years.

Does it make you feel any better that I liked the Wings (except for Chelios) better than the Avs? I will love Vernon forever just for making St. Patrick Roy bleed, and Osgood for taking him down.

(Cue the hate from FHF for that comment alone.)