Apr 16, 2008

Game Recap: Caps v. Flyers

First Things First

Can you say "meet-up?" The always cool Kristin, stunning Ryan, Fran and Eric, and I all caught up to one another at last night's game. Freakin' amazing! Something tells me I've got to make time for a Flyers game in NYC next year...


To: Patrick Thoresen's friends who came over from Norway for the game last night and sat next to me.

Down to Business

Nadine + Kristin + Ryan, Fran and Eric + the Norwegians = Most Auspicious Pre-Game This Season

Q. Could the night be any better?
A. Yes!

Just in case you missed it, we beat the Caps 6-3, Sami scored a goal, Richie acted like his penalty shot was his first goal ever, Tiny!Briere earned his paycheck BIG time, Knuble is the Flyers best-scoring cheer leader, and Hartsie wracks one in to lend credibility to the play-off beard and 'fro.

Scare of the Game: Kimmo Timonen leaving the game injured. Thankfully, he says he's fine and will play on Thursday.

Honestly, this was as much fun to watch as the last Devils game! Even though Gary Bettman was in attendance, I don't think his abyss-like powers had any pull last night.

Guys, as Dorie would say, "Just keep swimming!"

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