Apr 18, 2008

Heart Failure Over Here!

Note to the Flyers


What're trying to do to me, huh?

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the final result of last night's game. But, two OTs for crying out loud?

Totally not necessary!

Oh, and welcome back to the Land of Scoring, Blondie!

Note to Boudreau

Give Godzilla the start next game! You're seriously pissing me off with the HueT train, 'kay? Put the big guy in and let's really rock this series, no matter what the outcome is tomorrow afternoon.

Really, pissing me off...

Note to my friends over at FHF

¿Qué fue Ché? Could one of you guys 'splain to me what happened last night? Who gave the Broons the kryptonite for TFS (tm by FHF)?

Whatever. I so do not highly recommend the win-one-lose-one game train.

Note to Scarlett Ice

I'm sorry that the guys didn't really care about your bunny. Loved the Gary Roberts pillow!

Note to the Diablitos and Evil Blue Shirts

Please take each other out already.

Note to Gentle Readers

Aren't the play-offs fun? God, I love this time of year!


Sherry said...

Nadine, if they couldn't do it for the bunny than they can't do it for anybody else. At least it's over now.

Nadine said...

I hear ya. This whole season has been bonus points for me since surviving Last Season.

BTW: Let me get a look at that "How To" Ottawa Guide...I'm seriously thinking of blowing a few vacation days if I can swing it $-wise.

Sherry said...

Nadine, I'm hoping to get the "How To" guide up on my blog by May so you guys can start planning!