May 3, 2008

5/03: Flyers v. Habs

Round 2, Game 5

Will they or won't they? Does it end tonight, or do we relive the frustration of a run 'til Game 7?

Personally, drag it out as long as you can guys! I'm having too much fun for it to end this soon. (Thanks to the always cool FHF guys, Kristin, Ryan, and CapsChick who's now cheering for her school team.)

Sport-wise, get it over with tonight. Reasons?

1.) We don't need the potential injuries a seven-game round could bring.

2.) Sure, the Rangers beat the Penguins. (Finally, someone ruins their pretty little streak!) I'd love to see them frustrate the flightless black birds and run that series as long as possible. The last thing we need if we run long is for them to finish early and get to lay around some more.

In the Event Tonight's a Loss, A Sincere Petition

Dear Captain Smith,

Gator, how are you feeling? I hope you're in a good frame of mind because I'm going to ask a HUGE favor:

Please call Captain Jagr. Pull out all of your leadership, reasoning, negotiating and any blackmail skills and get him to agree to the following:

a.) That he will lead the Rangers in a super-human effort to extend their series as long as it takes for the Flyers to win this one, leaving the Penguins frustrated and spent, or

b.) In the event the CH-blazoned boys pull it out of their, um, y'know, that the Rangers will beat the Penguins or leave them gimpy enough to not win the ECF.

'Cause if we get to the ECF, I really want a Battle of Pennsylvania series. If we don't, it would be interesting to watch a show-down between two teams wearing blanc-bleu-rouge.

Album to watch tonight's game to: Gran Turismo by The Cardigans
Movie to play in the background: PCU

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