May 8, 2008

Barometer: Conference Finals

Season Barometer = Gut-Check Time

Dear Guys,

Yep, some of the Penguins fans (read: not of the HLOGer variety) have found this space. Probably has something to do with those farcical posts from earlier this week.

I'm very happy that you've made it this far. That being said, some of you have more work than others this round.

Blondie: I don't care if it's assists or goals, get some points. Make like the Mikes and Danny are injured again (even though they aren't). I'm going through withdrawal over here!

Tiny!Briere: Your paycheck...dude, it's
HUGE. Make sure you earn it. (And no side competition for Best "Who, Me?" Face with Cindy, all right? Stand up, stay up and skate.)

Vinny: Where the hell are you? What are you doing? Don't get me wrong, the set-up work is invaluable. Just...I don't know...put one or two in, 'kay?

All of the D: One word...Malkin. If you require an explanation, talk to Marty or Niitty.

Goalies: Please observe every single one of your superstitions, no matter what anyone in your family or on the team says. (After all, I'll be doing my part in this arena, too!)

Coach: Drop the whole politically correct "urgency" thing. If they slack, tell them in no uncertain terms that you are not happy. A second option is to let a few (slightly disgruntled but not drunken) Flyers fans in the room. We don't just boo and yell "Sucks!" at players from other teams, as you well know.



Justin said...

Yeah, I'm another one who found his way here through various and sundry links from other hockey blogs, but I'm pretty sure it's The Pensblog. What can I say, I need a laugh while I'm at work.

But I added your feed to my list not because I'm here to poke fun at the Flyers, but because you actually have a hockey blog worth reading. You'll just have to forgive me my opinion on how the series is going to go and my consternation that I won't be able to watch any of the games from home this round because I can't get Versus...

HabsFan29 said...

just wanted to pop in and wish you luck. my Flyers dislike is tempered by my like of you (jeez i sound like a 2nd grader).

once someone takes out Crosby (and Malkin, and Hossa) i really like your chances

Nadine said...

Boys! Thanks for dropping by.

@Justin: Seriously, Pens fans are welcome any time. I know that we won't agree on this series...duh, we're fans...but I'm a Hockey fan first and foremost.

@HF29: Yeah! You still like me after my team beat sweet is that?!? While it may sound 2nd grader of you, it was nice to see.