May 6, 2008

Bench a Flyer?

Hey, Pittsburgh fans!

Firstly, welcome. Really. I am a hockey fan who happens to be a Flyers fan. That means that while I cheer for the Flyers, I can and do appreciate good hockey played by any team at any level.

Secondly, several of you were so quick on the up-take to my sense of humor with yesterday's post that I'm now rewarding you with a follow-up.

R.J. Umberger is the Flyer you want benched.

I'm not basing that strictly on his performance during our series with the Habs. Even if I did thoroughly enjoy it!

However, cast your minds back to the regular season. R.J. had 6 goals and 5 assists in games against the Penguins. (Sid, on the other hand, only had 2 goals and 5 assists against us.)

So combining his regular season play against your team, how completely on fire he's been, the history he has from spanking the Baby Pens as a Phantom, and the fact that he's from Pittsburgh...yep, R.J.'s your choice for the Flyer to bench for "Battle of Pennsylvania: Playoff Edition."


joe said...

who needs him when you have GARY ROBERTS?

Mitch said...

Joe, my thoughts exactly. Look into his eyes.

In that picture he looks like he is thinking about how to cook Michael Rozsival's babies. Possibly even took his soul. Not sure.


Friday is so far away!

Anonymous said...

haha i have to admit, you have a good point about R.J.

maybe something like this would be a good idea...

shmaiken said...

gee, maybe sid being hurt for half of those games might have something to do with that. He still managed to put up 7 points in those 4 games. Oh, and how about last year when he rattled of 16 points in 8 games against the flyers. are you really making the case that we should fear umberger as much as you should fear crosby?

Nadine said...

@Joe & mitch: Yep, Simon Gagne says to tell him "Hi."

@tlove1637: Hey, you're back!

@shmaiken: I'm sorry but I'm confused. You hint at having read this post and the previous one.

As I wrote, I'm just trying to have some fun here. So, no, I'm not suggesting that Pens fans should fear R.J. And Flyers fans don't need to fear Crosby.

Michael said...

Hey, Nadine. Stumbled upon your blog from and I look forward to reading more on this series and the playoffs in general. It'll be a great series, for sure, regardless of how it turns out. I look forward to coming here for intelligent conversation regarding your thoughts (and those who comment, I assume) from people who aren't total "homers" and those whose hockey knowledge is limited to which player is the cutest.

Keep up the good work, and whether the Pens "ducked" the Flyers in the first round is irrelevant...we're here now, and may the best team win!


Nadine said...

@Michael: Thanks for stopping by! I would say the door is always open, but it's a blog...not a house!

I agree, any accusations of ducking are irrelevant. And even if it is true, it just makes for a very interesting formerly Prince of Wales Conference Final.