Jun 5, 2008

I Want Evidence

Thank you, God!

It's a proven fact that Cindy Crosby is not old enough to grow a good Playoff Beard. The attempt was just painful to look at these past two months.

I want photographic and video proof that it's been shaved off!

Oh Dear God!

The 2007-08 season is over. Now what am I supposed to do?

As I pointed out early in my hockey blogging, thank God for Youtube.com and pray for August to roll around.

Although, since I'll be Sami-less, I guess I'd better do some Finnish hockey players research.

Get Nadine a New Finn!

It's true, I'm lost without Sami. (Thirteen years - season played before draft to retirement - is a long time!) So, I'm taking nominations for my new favorite Finnish player. Suggestions will be accepted from anyone. Please include:
  • Name
  • Vital stats
  • Position (bonus points for goalies)
  • Team, and
  • Why I should pay attention to him, particularly if your suggestion isn't Kimmo Timonen (who should have been captain), Lasse Kukkonen (who was featured on my Happy New Year card and makes me smile for no apparent reason) or Antero Niittymäki (who probably has the best post-hip surgery flexibility for a goalie I've seen in, well, forever).


Jess said...

It is very sad that Sami's retiring... He's so tiny and mighty! He will be missed here, for sure.

As for your new Finn, Soph and I enjoy Lasse Kukkonen a lot... The downside, though, is that he should get assists on other team's goals since pucks are always bouncing in off him!

Soph said...

The only non-Flyer Finn that comes to mind is ex-sharks goalie Vesa Toskala. He's cute and has got really pinchable looking cheeks. Since the Sharks traded him last year they've been finn-less (that was bad, but I couldn't help myself).

Good luck in your search!

Justin said...

We can only hope that travesty of a beard has been shaven off. Jordan Staal's a year younger than him and had impressive growth. I shouldn't talk, though. If I tried to grow a playoff beard, I'd end up with a goatee on my chin and the rest of my face would just end up looking homeless. I don't even have the age excuse, unfortunately.

If you're going to pick a Flyer Finn, the obvious choice is Timonen. Dude's a quality player. Not that Kukonen isn't, but you'll have to forgive me for taking a big-time wait-and-see attitude toward Niitymaki. The last time I saw him play, he looked a lot like Dany Sabourin for all the wrong reasons.

Justin said...

Okay, so I feel like an idiot for misspelling Kukkonen's name. Ugh.

Didn't realize either that you were looking at other teams. Niklas Backstrom (the G for MIN, not the C for WAS) is the real deal. 6'2", 196 lbs.

Or how about Olli Malmivaara? It looks like he might be kind of terrible even at the Lowell, MA AHL affiliate of the Devils, but he's 6'7", 220 lbs, and he has a really awesome name.

Or Miika Kiprusoff. But you know who that is.

K-Mart said...

I would have to vote for Lasse Kukkonen. He's not as good as Kimmo, but the first thing that endeared him to me was the fact that he blocked so many shots when the Flyers picked him up last year. It's easy to block shots when your team is winning and you're willing to sacrifice your body to keep winning, but it's a whole lot more impressive to block shots for a team when they have no shot at winning anything.

I am gonna miss Sami.