Jun 7, 2008

Off-topic: Go Rafa! and RIP McKay

Here at Casa Flyers.Femme, I do watch other sports. Not often, because Hockey is my boyfriend, but it does happen.

The one non-hockey contest that I make time for every year is the French Open Men's Final. That's clay court tennis, y'all.

Historically, I've like the French Open
because the players get dirty. Sure, they may take away some grass stains after a grass court match, but red clay is way less subtle!

However, over the last few years, my love of the French Open has narrowed to one thing: Watching Rafael Nadal - whom I love! - deny Roger Federer the Men's French Open title and, thus, his first career Grand Slam. (It's the only hardware Federer's missing, yo.)

Rafa is the best clay court player today, and possibly of all time. I lean toward "all time" status, but I feel it's unfair to stick something that onerous on someone until they're done playing and have the records to prove it like Wayne Gretzky. (How's that working out for Cindy Crosby, eh?)

Rafa's also pretty hot. In fact, HLOG sister Margee over at Sport Squee has featured him in a "Throw Your Bra At" moment after he pounded Feds last year and had a Squee-Off between the two guys. Rafa won, as well he should.

Plus, I just heard that if Federer wins tomorrow, they're ready to proclaim him as the greatest tennis player ever. I'm not arguing that he is the best, but dude already knows that and tells everyone, too. (I mean, what else could he be saying by being in a Gillette commercial with his superstar BFF Tiger Woods? Oh, and Thierry Henry, too.)

So here's hoping that the streak continues for another year. Because if you're the ATP, this is the best thing that could happen for the sport.

And now, I'll be observing silence for the remainder of the weekend in memory of the great Jim McKay. Rest in peace.


K-Mart said...

Hey, I love the French too. I'm an avid tennis fan, and there is something about the French that makes it shine alone as the premier tennis event IMO. I like it because it forces players to play a bit more intelligently and craftily, brute force (much to Andy Roddick's chagrin) will not win you matches there (as American men have learned over the past 5 or so years). I've been a fan of Nadal since he beat Roddick in 2004 in the Davis Cup finals, and was glad that there was at least one person that could derail the Fed Express. Nadal has just been on another level this year at the French. I think he'll hand Federer his most decisive loss in their meetings so far. Federer just isn't Federer this year.

K-Mart said...

Wow, that was a massacre. I've never seen Federer lose like that before.

Nadine said...

K: It was so awesome to watch! (Hey, what do you know? I really am a blood-thirsty Philadelphia fan!)

I have to agree with McEnroe's assessment that Rafa's improved more at both grass and hard surface than Feds has on clay.

And, yep, the French Open does require more finesse.

Another reason I like this tournament best: those pissy French tennis fans. Hey, Maria Sharapova, how 'bout those boos and whistles?

K-Mart said...

Haha I HATE Sharapova. Granted, the reason I don't like her is because she beat Serena in the Wimbledon final a few years ago, but I hate the gamesmanship things she employs during matches. She's a good tennis player, there's no need for all her little tricks.

I absolutely love listening to McEnroe commentate. He doesn't get caught up in sports cliches and his comments are generally insightful, witty or funny or all three. That's one thing I have found tennis is really good at. The commentators are generally great, unlike most sports when you get generic crap.

I've been looking for a torrent of Sunday's match, because I missed most of it (parent's force me to go to church still) and I just want to see Federer get dominated. He hasn't been bageled in a set since 1999, so this is a special occurrence.

Here's to Rafa winning Wimbledon this year!

elise said...

Agreed on the French. Rafa > Fed (who really annoys me for some reason.) At least the American men did better than last year (not that that was all that difficult to improve on.)

Sharapova seems to worry more about her outfits, ads, and dog than tennis.

K-Mart said...

Did you say Sharapova or Serena...

@nadine: you'll appreciate this, I went to my sister's ice hockey practice today, turns out her coach is Larry Goodenough. So I got to talk to him, he's a really funny guy, told me all kinds of stories about the pranks he and Clarke and Leach used to pull on other guys... so now I'm really jealous that he started coaching after I graduated high school...

elise said...

good point. That could easily describe both of them.

No wonder I like the mens tour more than the womens tour.

Nadine said...

Elise! Welcome to commenting over here.