Jul 21, 2008

That's Our Guy

Yeah, Johnny!

I'm viewing the story and still not sure I believe it. I'm asking, rhetorically, "How the heck did that happen?"

Love it, like it or hate it...and I'm sure there's plenty of haters out there...TSN named Flyers head coach John Stevens as Coach of the Year.

P.S.: Boudreau, I'm chalking the pass on you up to the fact that you didn't play Godzilla once during the series...bad karma for lack of bad@$$ mofu goalie in your game.


kristin said...

welcome back! where did you go?

Nadine said...

My summer vacay was mostly in Richmond, VA visiting with about 6K of my closest friends and family. (Right, so I don't know all of them, but anyway...)

I also spent a few days at my parents house in NoVa hanging out with my mom, philosophizing with my dad, and generally showering attention on Baron Diesel von Dieseldorff, the family dog. (Diesel is a German Shepard-Great Dane mix. I still out-weigh him by 10 pounds.)