Jul 22, 2008

In lieu of a sweater

...or a jersey

In light of (dear) Sami's retirement, I've been dreading the 2008-09 season from a fan gear perspective. I mean, take a look at some of my new choices:

  • A Diablito (Homer, I'm still tying to find the positive side of that move! There is one, right?)
  • Two Broons + a Baby Broon ('Cause they are the Flyers of the Northeast Division :p )
  • An Avalanche (Dude just happens to be from Vantaa, Sami's hometown!)
  • Two Kings (CKim and KMS2, give me your 411s on Hersley and Lukacevic.)

So, to fix this sitch, I'm falling back on one of my sweater selection options from last season...namely, buy Tshirts for the player or players I deem worthy of my cold, hard cash.

And you, Gentle Readers, can help in the decision-making process. Vote in my poll. Multiple votes may be cast. Yes, you have to choose from the Flyers listed there*.

Perhaps the top two or three vote-getters will be lucky enough to see Flyers.Femme sporting his name and digits on her back this year.


*If you happen to be one of the Flyers not listed there, sorry! Just remember, if you work hard and bring your all to the games, I may purchase your shirt sometime during the season as well. Or, y'know, you could send me an autographed one. (I wear boys L/XL.)


Justin said...

You could avoid it entirely and get Denis Tolpeko's Dynamo Moscow jersey...

*ducks and covers*

kristin said...

um, why can't you just wear your sami jersey?

and really, a Tolpeko jersey would be pretty sweet!

Nadine said...

Can wear Sami jersey and will do so. Would like to have something for someone current though.

Waah, Tolpenko! (And that's a real "waah," not a Cindy Crosby one.)

K-Mart said...

It's gotta be Richards hands down. No one else exemplifies the Philly/Flyers spirit the way he does.