Jul 25, 2008

Remix: Flyers 07-08 Soundtrack

It's all there: Hope, love/hate, good times, a black shirt and some torture, a few rockin' Aussies, an annoying pop princess, a little punk, and a feel-good summer song.

1. Shop Around - The Miracles

Homer canabalized the remains of the Bobby Clarke dinosaurish Flyers line-up from the season which shall not be named and went on a shopping spree last summer!

2. Whistle While You Work - Snow White

Coach Stevens decided to hie the boys to a ropes course in Whistler, BC for some team-building. (I was completely envious!)

3. Light My Fire - The Doors

Kick @$$ Western road-trip to start the season, when it looked like that Briere-Gagne thing would piss everyone in the NHL off for 82 games.

4. Welcome to the Jungle - G n R

First six homes games ROCKED! (Note to Wachovia sound guys during Flyers games: The proper place to play this is the intermission between the end of the third and the start of overtime. No other time is acceptable, unless your aim is to make them lose! And, in that case, you should be fired.)

5. Are You Gonna Go My Way? - Lenny Kravitz

The guys just turned horribly, consistently inconsistent for a good part of the season. Sometimes there were good streaks...like leading into the All-Star break. And then...

6. La Tortura - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz and La Camisa Negra - Juanes

The whole month of February was so painful...and I wore a lot of black.

7. Back in Black - AC/DC

Somehow we started clawing our way back into the mix.

8. Celebrate - Kool and the Gang

It was a nail-bitter to the end. Thanks to some timely wins - and other teams' timely losses - we actually made the playoffs!?! (See, I'm still a bit blown-over by it.)

9. Are You Gonna Be My Girl? - Jet
Actual video v. Live at Forum Melbourne (their hometown, yo!)

Okay, this one's just for the music. But, yes, I was! I ponied up the $ for a last-minute ticket to Game 3, hung with a bunch of Norwegians in town to see Patrick Thoresen play, saw Sami score another goal, and drank a couple too many 'ritas and beer. But they won! And took the series in 7.

10. Oops!...I Did It Again - Britney Spears

'Cause who'da thunk it? Knock out the Habs? Philly? But we did. We did! Somehow.

11. Basket Case and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

And then, the Pens.

12. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

PS track: 'Cause what's a Philly summer without some old skool rap? Drums, please!
(Just for you, Eli!)

Yep, they're on vacation. No hockey. Me, I'm just kicking it until August.

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K-Mart said...

Ah yea, Basket Case is a great song for the Pens series.